Raptor IT Consultants offers comprehensive IT support & managed services for Sacramento businesses

Hiring an outsourced IT company can be a tricky task as traditional IT service providers only offer a limited scope of services & support; ultimately requiring multiple IT service providers to manage the business network comprehensively. Some will support the servers and desktops, others telephones and internet connectivity, and again others to manage your websites and cybersecurity; leaving you to complete the triangle of communication in order to get things done accurately.

At Raptor IT Consultants we’ll take care of ALL your IT needs from managed IT services (anti-virus, asset monitoring, SPAM email filtering, and encrypted cloud backups), IT support, too website development. You don’t have to coordinate multiple teams to complete your IT projects because our teams specialize in offering compendious support for any technology related issue. Whether you need VoIP phones, an updated website, or just boots on the ground IT support, we are your one stop solution for business IT service and support in the Sacramento region.

So, if you’re looking for an IT company that can facilitate all your IT needs, with a dedicated IT helpdesk, network engineers, and web developers, then look no further. Give us a call and let Raptor take care of IT.

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